Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just a trip to a castle

Tonight after supper, Theo was trying to draw a tunnel and Zeke was talking about dungeons.  Sometimes, it is a little surreal that we are here and have the opportunity to explore tunnels, dungeons, and castles right in our "backyard."  
 We have a break from school right now which allows extra study time and time to explore and practice our French.  We decided to rent a car for a few days to explore areas that are difficult to get to by the bus or walking. 

 Off to Castle Adventures!  We toured Chateau de Miolans!  

 The view was spectacular!  

 Anyone need to use the bathroom?  

 Our attempt at a family picture! Ha ha, maybe we will get one next time!  
 Heading down, down, down the stairs exploring the dungeon.  All the way down, Theo kept saying, "I am being careful, Mama."  

 Let us OUT!  This place was amazing!  The dungeon has 5 different levels.  They had a drawbridge and a cannon room!  

 Not a bad view.  

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