Monday, October 8, 2012

Family pictures 2012

My friend took some family pictures for us this fall, and I LOVE them!  She gave me about 150 of them and I have trouble picking out my favorites!  
Here are a few!  

Our big boys!

 Zeke almost 4.5 years
 Theo 2 years (he had just eaten an orange and he is a very full body eater!  :)  He loves his food.  But, the boys really wanted a picture with their Spiderman shirts.  
 Jonah 7 months!  
 He is up on hands and knees all of the time and army crawling!  I am afraid he will be moving soon!  Am I really ready for 3 that move when I can barely keep up with 2 that move!  :)  

At the Zoo

Danny usually has Mondays off and took his opportunity to go to Saskatoon for Zoo and Costco trip!
Such a fun family day!  
Thankful for the adventure we can go on as a family and fun to see the boys enjoy them in new ways as they get older too!  :)

Corn maze and family fun

Danny having WAY too much fun in the corn maze.  I thought this was for the kids!  :)

 The boys with our friend Erica!  :)  The love her!