Thursday, September 5, 2013

More fun and goodbyes in Moorhead, MN

We were able to attend a family fun day with the kids and Danny's brother and his wife and kids. 
I think everyone had fun! 

 Waiting for the parade to start after enjoying a ride on the train! 

Helping Ama in the kitchen.  

 We got the chance to meet another baby cousin, Joshua.  That is a LOT of little cousins! 

Visit to Dickinson and Fergus Falls

We are able to see Aunt Becky and Uncle Jamie on a quick trip through Dickinson!  We are trying to wait patiently for their baby girl to arrive! 

We were also able to visit Grandma Ruth's grave and show the boys.  

It is always fun to sit in the big chair in Jamestown, ND.  

Jonah put his brother in jail, he has the right idea. 

Another one of Theo's favorite spots, riding "the tractor" with cousin David in Fergus Falls. 

 Hanging out with cousin Toby too. 

 Jonah liked hanging out with Aunt Beth. 

Growing bigger!

Jonah 18 months old

Zeke 5 years old

Theo 3 years old

More special memories at the cabin

Theo's favorite spot, riding on "the tractor" as he calls it with my mom! 

 LOTS AND LOTS of hours spent packing, repacking, and organizing.  I didn't think it would ever end!

A special place with special people, so hard to say goodbye. 
Love you Dad and Mom!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Trip back from Colorado

We added some time to our travel and had the chance to visit some friends from SD on our way back to Montana. 
They had two boys so it was a crazy time with all of the boys! 

 We tried to act normal but the second one is a bit more realistic.  The rest of them is actually how the boys were "sitting" on the couch! 

 Can't go to South Dakota without a visit to Wall Drug.  We had plenty of fun adventures!

Once we were back in MT, a nap with Papa is always good for the soul.  

"Quick" Trip to WI

For some reason, we were crazy enough to drive from Colorado to WI for a "quick trip" for a wedding during a weekend in July.  Our quick 18 hour trip took 20 hours there and about 23 hours on the way back with stops. 
I think Danny figured we drove our van more than 10,000 miles this summer from June 15th until we sold in at the end of August. 
The boys really did great, it helps to travel through the night and have a husband who doesn't need as much sleep as most. 

This is the bride and groom.  My cousin, Ben on the left and his wife Kristie. 
Actually, this is their superhero cutout, the theme of their rehearsal dinner.  It was a BIG hit with the boys!  

 So fun seeing my sister's family and her kids.  But, it was a VERY emotional weekend knowing we were saying goodbyes for a few years at the end of the weekend. 

 Theo in his happy place with my Mom. 

 Love you Katie!