Thursday, February 28, 2013

Self portraits

More Montana fun

A visit with dear friends!  How did we get 6 kids between us in just a few years?  
Wow, busy!

 Our babies just a few days difference in age!

All ready to start planning Theo and Bailey's wedding!  So cute!

My parents took the boys to Sesame Street Live!
They really enjoyed, it was a fun afternoon.  

Theo now sleeping with "Little Bird" every night. :)

Trip to Montana for Thanksgiving

Thankful the boys and I were able to head to Montana for Thanksgiving and spend some awesome family time at the cabin with my parents and sister and her family.  
So much fun!

Snow starts in October

 Our first snowfall came in October.  We were excited!  

We head into a town about 30 minutes away to enjoy a drop in gymnastics center!  
The boys LOVE it!  

So far behind!

Haven't put anything on the blog in a LONG LONG time!  Here is a few pictures as I try and catch up!

Some food fun!  
They like smoothies!  

One Halloween picture!  We were too busy getting LOADS of candy!  Halloween is a BIG deal in our little town.  The kids start out right after school.  Brr, it was cold too!