Sunday, October 27, 2013

A few pics of our new home

We are living in the student housing on campus where we are taking classes.  When we arrived, they had some food already in our home and fridge!  It was such a blessing as I'm not sure if I really knew if it was morning or night!  
 LOTS of unpacking to do!  We arrived about 5 days before classes started so we were able to start adjusting to our new culture and try to adjust to a new time zone.  I think it took us all about a week to fully adjust and recover from jet lag.  Our first night in our new home, the boys all slept about 15 hours.  It was a a little miracle I am still thankful for!  
 Also, our friends we had met this summer at our MTI training, made supper for us our first night in Albertville.  I'm not sure we were very good company, because we were all so tired, but so nice to have food!  Thanks Denise and Paul!  
 our room
 Some of the amazing views around our home.  
 We were surprised when we arrived in the boys' room and someone had left a carpet that they boys could DRIVE On!  That carpet made for some happy boys and they have continued to enjoy it!  :) 
 Some of our campus.  We have classes in the first building you see and we live on the second floor of the back building that you see.  

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