Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week at the Cabin

I am so thankful for this beautiful place!
My sister, Katie and her family came from Spokane for a visit. We spent an amazing week together at the cabin with a 3 year old, 2 year old, 1 year old and a 7 week old!

It was a Fun and Busy week.

We all enjoyed nap time. :) Cooking with Elmo (that is what they call my Mom)

Watching Papa fish!

Fun with the Lawn mower and trailer

Riding horses with Cousin Ryan

Reading with Papa

Morgan loving on her newest cousin!

We hiked up to the hole in the rock

Katie and I couldn't resist taking a picture too.

There is probably a picture of us somewhere at almost the same age as Ryan and Zeke. :)

What the piggie does at our house

The Half Marathon

Danny and his sister Becky ran the Montana Half Marathon last Sunday!
This was the first time we saw them on the course! Still Smiling :)
They Finished!
(Zeke, Theo, and I missed them crossing the finish line
as Theo decided it was more important for him to eat. :)
1 hour 56 minutes and 8 seconds! Impressive!
Our family
We are so proud of you Daddy!

Scottie's parents cheering them on!
They even brought signs and pompoms.

Great job Becky and Danny from your biggest supporters!
We love you!

Baby Shower for Theo

Yummy Food. . . Lots of Laughter. . . Good Friends. . . Little Helpers. . . Wonderful Memories. . . Proud Dads

What a blessing!
Thanks to the folks at Yellowstone Lutheran Brethren for the wonderful shower!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big Brother

Zeke has been a great big brother so far!

I had to share a few things he has been doing in his new role. :)

  • He often talks about Theo but it usually sounds like Baby Wheo. I have even started saying Wheo now when I refer to Theo.

  • He will often climb up into my lap and point to the right side and say, "Zeke's side" and then point to the left side and say, "Wheo's side."

  • The other day he ran to the bathroom when I told him I was giving Theo a bath. He came back crying saying "Where Baby Wheo Mama?" He expected Theo to be in the bath since I said I was giving him a bath. Who takes a "bath" in a sink?

  • Today when Theo sneezed, Zeke said "Bless Wheo"

  • My dad is a diabetic and has to give himself insulin shots a few times a day in his stomach. He tries to do the shots discreetly and not directly in front of Zeke. Yesterday, Zeke picked out a large pen from a container of pens during fellowship time at church. He lifted up his shirt and placed the pen on his tummy and slowly pushed the other end of the click pen. It took me a second, but then I realized he was trying to give himself an "injection" just like Papa. It is amazing how much that kid takes in!


An update:

We are still in Montana and Danny just finished serving as the pastor at Yellowstone for the summer while the pastor was on sabbatical. It was an awesome summer and Danny did a great job! He is continuing to do some framing/construction with some friends and driving bus. I am enjoying being home with my two boys and we are praying about my need to return to work. We are waiting to find out what might be next in regards to church work for our family and where we might be living.

We would appreciate your prayers. Thanks! Danny, Mandy, Zeke, and Theo

Friday, September 10, 2010

One month old!

Can you believe that I am already one month old!
I weighed 8lbs 2oz at my two week checkup!
That was a full two pounds bigger than Zeke at his two week checkup.
Can you tell I still don't love talking my picture in this chair?
But, I am growing FAST! Here is my big brother Zeke at 4 months old.
I am already wearing the same outfit!
Do you think we look a little bit alike?