Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another weekend adventure

We headed to another apple festival the next weekend.  Two other couples decided to head there on their bikes, and we decided to join them on our primary mode of transportation:  the BUS!  
 Here is our bus stop, it is about a 2 minute walk from our apartment.  
 Zeke has his own bus pass with his picture on it since he is 5.  He always has it flipped open as the bus pulls up and is so proud!  
So, since Zeke had a special bus pass, then Theo asked to have one.  He decorated it himself, and the bus driver always seems to chuckle as Theo shows it.  And, as you can imagine, Jonah wants his own bus pass too.  He kept saying, "bus".  So now, all of the Bronson boys have their own bus pass!  
 We could only take the bus part of the way to the apple orchard, so we had about a 45 minute walk from the bus stop to our destination.  It was a beautiful morning, and we enjoyed our walk.  

 Watching the apples get pressed, and brave Theo riding a donkey!  Zeke and Jonah both said no.  

 Enjoying our picnic after a morning of fun!  

Some of our company along our walk!  

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