Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breaking news!

We have MUD!!! Spring is coming!!!

A house of games

What fun to have a two year old closing in on 3!

Lots of new games and imaginary play!Can you guess what we are doing?

No, we are not in time out.

Here is a clue: "Ready or not, here we come."We are playing hide and seek! We have been playing lots of that here!


Anyone hungry?

You are welcome to join us on our picnic!

Come hungry and bring your imagination!

A two hat day

Zeke has felt the need to wear two hats lately. Putting on his two touques before heading to play group. :) Theo even got in on the action but somehow got away with only wearing one hat. I will have to check with Zeke on that one. :)

A road trip?

Anyone want to go on a road trip? We went to Edmonton for a conference for our church. Our first Canadian road trip. And, don't worry, Theo didn't drive the whole time. :)

A trip to the Park

Zeke and I had our first park experience In Birch Hills!

We had a blast!

We had one Happy guy!
These made me laugh. . . there is no going around on this

merry go round until this snow melts a little bit! The tire swings don't get much air at this time of year either since they are sitting on the snow.
Zeke loved this swing as he was able to sit down without help!

But, one of the best parts of the day. . .

Better than watching a movie at home. . .

Eating snow high atop a snow pile while watching the

front end loader and dump truck hard at work.
This is the life!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

An open house

Lots of shoes Lots of food

Lots of new friends


an open house!

We are thankful to be up here in Birch Hills and enjoying
getting to make new friends in our church!

I also LOVE the sun coming up in the morning!
And maybe, just maybe, the snow will actually melt sometime soon!

Reading Fun


Something we hear quite often in our house is:
One, Two, Cuatro, Cinco, Seis
Danny speaks to Zeke in Spanish quite a bit so this is how Zeke is now counting.
I think it is pretty cute!


I've had so much fun watching as my boys are interacting more with each other!
Fun at the Costco with the BIG cart!Zeke telling stories to "Wheo" at the end of lunch.
Having fun in the bath!

Good times!
I love my brother!

Are you talking about me?