Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zeke and Taiwan

G-pa. . . Here we come!
In less than two weeks, Zeke gets to go see this guy. . . G-pa. :)
Danny's dad is getting married in Taiwan on Valentine's Day.
That is Valentine's Day in Taiwan so I have no idea what day that will be here in the US. There is some sort of crazy time change between here and Taiwan. I think we leave on a Saturday but get there on Sunday. Or maybe we leave on a Saturday and get there on Saturday. I can't remember, time changes are my husband's department.
My department is trying to decide what to take on a 14 hour plane ride for a 7 month old.

This could get interesting.

But, we are SO excited about the chance to go to Taiwan and the opportunity to be there as Rocky and Rebecca get married.

So, if you get a chance, say a prayer for Rocky and Rebecca as they start their life together and for the entire Bronson clan as we travel the few short hours to Taiwan together. :)


7 months (and a few days)

I am 7 months old!

I think he might look a little bit different from his picture at 2 months old.
It almost make me a little bit sad because I think he is starting to look more like a little boy than a baby.

Zeke: But Mom, are you sure Oma won't be mad at me for wearing a Viking's outfit for my 7 month pictures?
Mom: No Zeke, she won't be mad. But, she will have to be patient and wait to see what you will wear for your 8 month pictures.
Mom: But, we will probably have to take those pictures when Dad is at work or school.
Zeke: OK Mama.

Zeke and the sneeze

Zeke says, "Don't try this at home."
We have all at some point in our lives drank some milk, started laughing and then experience the milk coming out of some place other than your mouth. Actually, I am pretty certain I have done it more than once in my life.
On this particular day, Zeke was also enjoying some milk while breastfeeding and happened to sneeze. . . it must have been the perfect sneeze at the perfect time to make this happen. . .
the milk came out his nose.

And we, being the perfect parents, couldn't resist documenting the occasion.


Zeke and the helmet

I LOVE helmets.
My friends in Montana used to call me the Helmet Hero because they loved when I would always bug them about wearing their helmet.
Oh yeah, I like seat belts too. :) I am proud to say Zeke has his very first helmet at 6 months of age. A gentleman in Fergus who survived a traumatic brain injury has now started a nonprofit organization advocating for helmet use for children. How cool!
I think he might be my new Helmet Hero.

And, don't worry friends from Montana. I am not making Zeke wear his helmet all day long every day. . . just part of the day. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Only in Minnesota (or other ridiculously cold places)

So, it was a bit cold here today. said -34. I think our indoor/outdoor thermostat froze. Or, it was God's way of helping me cope with the cold. I'm not complaining, ok, I'm complaining. But, I'm trying not too.

These are a few "new" things I have had the chance to experience here in Minnesota:

1. Watching the dogs watch my husband help the neighbor get unstuck during his pre-shovel shovel. Is that a word? A pre-shovel shovel in my definition is what you do BEFORE the snow plow comes to prevent you from really getting stuck. Then, the snow plows comes and you get to shovel some more. Wow, what fun! (Can you hear the sarcasm)
2. A chance to take a picture of an oven and a snow blower. . . together. . . in my house. . . in my kitchen. On this particular day, my husband had to bring the snow blower in the house to WARM it up as it wouldn't start. 3. MINNESOTA POEM

It's winter in Minnesota

And the gentle breezes blow

seventy miles an hour

at twenty-five below

Oh, how I love Minnesota

When the snow's up to your butt

You take a breath of winter

And your nose gets frozen shut

Yes, the weather here is wonderful

So I guess I'll hang around

I could never leave Minnesota'

Cause I'm frozen to the ground!

4. A missing husband (above) and a frozen husband (below)

5. My kitchen window from the INSIDE (with my vase of marbles and fake flowers).

(hint, hint Danny)

6. And, last, but not least AT ALL.

A super super awesome cool snow fort built by the nieces and nephews and Danny last weekend.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Visit from the Sulpizio Family

Any guesses on what might have caused my living room to look like this 5 minutes after his arrival? Also, take note that all of the nativity scenes have been removed from the shelves.
If you guessed an almost two year old, you are right!
My sister and her family braved many hours of flying from Spokane, WA to visit us in the warm wonderland of Minnesota. They are brave. Who visits MN in January??
Zeke telling Katie about everything she had missed. He had a lot to fill her in on as this was his first time to meet his Aunt Katie!Getting a squeeze from my boys. I don't like them or anything!The boys taking a bath. Zeke learned a few tricks about splashing and playing in a tub from a big cousin Ryan. Zeke also seemed most interested is whose toes were in his bathtub and how could he get them in his mouth. Looking cool in their hats. Ryan was sitting in the "potty" as he referred to the bumbo chair. During their visit, we often sat down in the "potty" and said poop. Ryan also gave Zeke a new nickname. . . "Baby Geek." We are hoping that one doesn't stick. After seeing all of the sights and sounds of Fergus, we also spent a night in the cities and enjoyed the Mall of America.
Little Scott enjoying the truck ride with Ryan!
Go Scott Go! It is hard to tell from Scott's face, but he was a little scared with the speed of the trucks. He also LOVED all of the honking of the horns from all of the kids on the ride.
Danny looking at a map. What a surprise.
Who needs to ride on a ride when you have a map.
I think Zeke might agree.

I think this picture might need a caption. Any ideas?

We had such an AMAZING time with Scott, Katie, and Ryan and baby girl due to arrive in April! Thanks so much for coming to visit. Thanks for taking the time to come and for surviving flying with a busy little boy. We miss you guys.

Love you guys!

The Sulpizio family eating a family favorite! Blue Cotton Candy
Katie, I forgot to ask, any surprises the day after?

Cook your own Christmas Dinner

For Christmas Day this year, Danny and I had a total of 18 people in our house! We had two 6-month old babies, 8 kids between the ages of 2 and 13, and 8 adults. Does that add up to 18? Danny is the mathematician of the house and he is still sleeping.
I meant to take a picture of everyone eating just to prove I cooked for that many people without my Mom. Mom, can you believe it???
We decided to do fondue with the theme of "Cook your own Christmas Dinner." Honestly, I felt like that might be the safest bet. Then, if someone wasn't happy with what they ate, it was their own fault because they cooked their own dinner. We did a fondue called Shabu, Shabu with chicken and veggies, pizza fondue for the kids (and big kids), and chocolate fondue for dessert.
Here is Zeke with his cousin Ashley. I think they must have planned their outfits.
Danny spent a good part of the day planning Fox and Hound or it is Geese and Fox or Hound and Geese with the nieces and nephews. I would ask Danny what it is called, but again, he is still sleeping. They just enjoyed chasing each other around the house with the help of the dogs. With all of the snow we have had, we have some pretty awesome trails and forts around our house.
And yes, this is my husband who is in his second year of Seminary in the dog's igloo. You might only be able to see his hand as the dogs are also trying to get inside with him.
Cousin Hannah with Uncle Andy and Aunt Shana were also able to come from Moorehead. Of course, we had to get some cousin pictures of our big 6 month old kiddos. And, here is a little insight into their communication.
Zeke says, "Hannah, I really really want that hairband."
Hannah says, "No Zeke, it does not go with your outfit."
Zeke looking very sad wishing we had the hairband on his head. Why are our parents jumping around, smiling at us, and making funny noises?
Hannah, I have no idea.

Overall, it was a fun and awesome Christmas.
We are so thankful for all of our family and friends!