Friday, June 7, 2013

We are moving. . . To Africa!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I love me MY Birch Hills Mamas!

I have been SO blessed by these Mamas, by their friendship, and by their awesome kids! 
They hosted a goodbye picnic for us!  
And, this isn't even all of the kids as some were too busy playing for the picture!  

And, hard to believe, but my dear friend Jenny is 9 months pregnant in this picture and gave birth early the next month!  Welcome to the World Lincoln!  :)  

Last Library Time

 Zeke has LOVED having the chance to attend Story Time every Friday at the library.  I wanted to take picture to document some of the fun!  

 We planted today!  

Trip to MN

We had the chance to travel to MN to attend Toby's confirmation and celebrate Ashley's graduation from high school.  LOTS of fun with cousins!  :)  Thankful for family.  

Easter with the Simonsens

All of the Simonsens crew (minus Kari) made the LONG trek up to Birch Hills to spend Easter with us!  What a GREAT time!
My kids sure LOVE their cousins!  
 We were able to take part in a broom
ball tournament!  

We had to take part in some 5 pin Canadian bowling!  
Thanks for coming!  

Zeke's 1st Skating Carnival

 My skating bear!  

 Zeke and his preschool friend, Reese.  

It was an adventure but not so sure my bear wants to do skating again.  As we finished the carnival, he said, "Do I have to take lessons next year Mom or can I be done?"

Jonah 1st Birthday

We hosted Jonah's 1st Birthday at the Youth Center as a Birthday Breakfast on February 25, 2013!  We had about 90 people show up from pancakes and a fruit cake.  
What a fun morning and thankful for everyone that was able to come and an amazing husband who makes GREAT pancakes.  Happy Birthday Jonah.  

Playgroup at outside at 20 degrees F!

We have LOTS of snow this winter and had to host a playgroup OUTSIDE for the kids to enjoy the amazing train and snow caves and tunnels that Danny had created!  It was COLD, but I think they kids still had a BLAST!

Church Family Winter Retreat at Kinasao