Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 2nd 2014 Samuel Anthony Bronson

Living in Community

One of the blessing of living overseas with other missionaries from all of the world studying French was the community! It was a blessing and so fun to enjoy celebrating birthdays!   

Theo's injury :(

Somehow as Zeke and Theo were wrestling, Theo bumped his upper lip and teeth on Zeke's chin.  Zeke had no injuries.  Theo's lip immediately got swollen and three of his upper teeth were pushed back.  We had a friend who was at language school with us who happened to be dentist check him as well as going to a dentist in France.  We served only soft foods for about a month.  And, somehow, thankfully, Theo didn't lost his teeth!  
Theo is amazing, he rarely complained and was such a good sport about it.  

Fort Tamie and other adventures

 Gracie, Aunt Debbie, Theo, and Debbie

Monday, April 20, 2015

Chateau Miolans

Headed out to a dinner at a Creperie!  

Exploring a castle!  We even threw the boys into a dungeon!

Awesome adventure with family!

The boys had so much fun with family!  Adventures and hanging out in our apartment playing cards were all amazing!  

So thankful for the amazing memories!

Exploring Conflans

We took Uncle Todd, Aunt Debbie, and Gracie to Conflans, an ancient city above Alberville.  
The weather was beautiful and was so fun to explore together!  

Grenoble for Uncle Todd, Aunt Debbie, and Gracie visit

We had the chance to drive to Grenoble over our two week break for visitors!! We had the chance to explore Grenoble the first night that they arrived!  

 We went up in the "bubbles" as the boys called them above the city.  It was beautiful at night.