Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meeting Friends!

Zeke turned three months old on Tuesday. It is hard to imagine life without him now. Oh yes but wait, it is slowly coming back to me. It is kinda a fuzzy memory but it involves sleep. Yep, at one time, I do recall sleeping all the way through the night. :) But, honestly, I wouldn't trade a day (or night) or it. He's a keeper.

But, Zeke did the chance to meet a friend today. Eli was born two days after Zeke although I think he was actually due more than a month before Zeke. Eli is still a little bigger, but it will be fun to see the boys as they continue to grow.
It was super fun to put the boys next to each other and try to get them to smile. I have also found out that my next profession will definitely not involve becoming a professional photographer of moving objects. Man, it is hard. I better stick to my day job of wife, mom and OT.
I promise, he was smiling and enjoying himself. :)

Here's some video of the boys meeting as well as Zeke talking to his "friends". I mean what is a guy to do when he is an only sibling. :)
On a side, please try to ignore the rather annoying voice in the background. I'm still not too sure who that person is. . .but they sure sound like a dork on these videos.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My husband's muscles

Today, Danny was explaining to me the numerous activities he completes while attempting to keep himself awake at work. He works at a company that does quality assurance on phone calls. Basically, he listens to recorded phone calls from 3pm to midnight every night. He is amazing as I'm sure I would stay awake for about two minutes of this activity. I wanted to give you an update of our conversation. I thought it was funny, I hope you do too.

Danny: So, I figured out how to say awake at work. I stand like this to keep myself awake. (he demonstrates a half squatting posture)

Mandy: Umm honey, do people see you doing that?

Mandy: Well, that is actually a good workout for you so you can become buff. Uh, not that you aren't already buff honey.

Danny: Yeah (pulling up his sleeve) Look at my MUSCLES!

Danny: (He pauses and says in surprise) Wow, that is actually bigger than I thought it would be.

Mandy: (unable to comment because she was laughing too hard)

Saturday morning at the Bronsons

So, Zeke has been thinking that he looks pretty handsome every time he sees himself in a mirror. And, honestly, I have to agree with him. This morning, I decided we should take a family picture using the mirror. Zeke must not have liked his outfit because he wasn't smiling at himself. And, please don't notice the toothpaste spots on the mirror. Anyway, just wanted to show you our excitement on a Saturday morning. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things I've learned

Some things I have learned since becoming a Mom

  1. Snaps on Pajamas are nearly impossible to complete correctly in the middle of the night.

  2. It is different when it is your own child crying.

  3. (Sorry, this is a gross one) Apparently, dogs like the taste of a poop filled diapers. See picture below for the true experience.

  4. A smile from your kid does seem to make staying up half of the night totally worth it.

  5. It is amazing how silly a person can sound to make a kid smile.

  6. Car seats are not my friend (although I do respect their safety value)

  7. In the middle of the night, messy diaper’s sometimes seem to smell like popcorn.

  8. It is now a lot harder to be on time.

  9. I am so thankful for friends with experience.

  10. Babies have very very smelly gas.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello to Montana!

Missing you Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Scott, Aunt Katie, and Ryan in Montana! Wishing I could see you and be there to hang out this week!
I just wanted to show you all how big I'm getting in the chair
Grandpa made me.
And just one question: Do stripes made me look fat?
Love you guys!