Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just a trip to a castle

Tonight after supper, Theo was trying to draw a tunnel and Zeke was talking about dungeons.  Sometimes, it is a little surreal that we are here and have the opportunity to explore tunnels, dungeons, and castles right in our "backyard."  
 We have a break from school right now which allows extra study time and time to explore and practice our French.  We decided to rent a car for a few days to explore areas that are difficult to get to by the bus or walking. 

 Off to Castle Adventures!  We toured Chateau de Miolans!  

 The view was spectacular!  

 Anyone need to use the bathroom?  

 Our attempt at a family picture! Ha ha, maybe we will get one next time!  
 Heading down, down, down the stairs exploring the dungeon.  All the way down, Theo kept saying, "I am being careful, Mama."  

 Let us OUT!  This place was amazing!  The dungeon has 5 different levels.  They had a drawbridge and a cannon room!  

 Not a bad view.  

Enjoying a fall day around Albertville

I can tell Zeke is Danny's son as we now have to stop and look at every map we see when exploring around town!  We're on the map, Centre Missionaire.  
 We enjoyed exploring the Thursday morning market followed by a walk through a park.  

 My boys

 Theo and Zeke area always collecting something.  Here Theo is counting some of the nuts we found.  His counting seems to be a combination of a little English and French right now.  

 Some of what we enjoyed from the famer's market.  Yummy!  

Baking day French style

My amazing teacher, Anne, offered to host a baking day to learn how to make various French tarts.  We each paid a small amount, she did ALL of the shopping and provided the recipes.  It was SO MUCH FUN to learn plus we had to speak French.  My brain was a bit tired after that afternoon.  

 All of the pictures of what we made.  And, Almonds are Amandes in French.  I had to get a picture since it is so close to my name.  :)  

 Some of the ladies hard at work!  

 The final products!  Yummy!  

Jonah, one of my MANY taste tasters, showing his approval!  :) 

Another weekend adventure

We headed to another apple festival the next weekend.  Two other couples decided to head there on their bikes, and we decided to join them on our primary mode of transportation:  the BUS!  
 Here is our bus stop, it is about a 2 minute walk from our apartment.  
 Zeke has his own bus pass with his picture on it since he is 5.  He always has it flipped open as the bus pulls up and is so proud!  
So, since Zeke had a special bus pass, then Theo asked to have one.  He decorated it himself, and the bus driver always seems to chuckle as Theo shows it.  And, as you can imagine, Jonah wants his own bus pass too.  He kept saying, "bus".  So now, all of the Bronson boys have their own bus pass!  
 We could only take the bus part of the way to the apple orchard, so we had about a 45 minute walk from the bus stop to our destination.  It was a beautiful morning, and we enjoyed our walk.  

 Watching the apples get pressed, and brave Theo riding a donkey!  Zeke and Jonah both said no.  

 Enjoying our picnic after a morning of fun!  

Some of our company along our walk!