Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things my boys love

A little swimming followed by some fun in the mud! Visits from the garbage truck!

Theo turned 1!

Theo turned 1 on August 3, 2011.

He is starting to think he is a big boy just like his brother.
Zeke was quick to help with the decorating especially when he found out he could sneak some candy!

We did caterpillar cupcakes and fruit!

Lots of them as we invited lots of friends from church.

Theo enjoying all of the attention from his friend Lorris.

He jumped right into his cupcake with a little help from brother.

Good stuff, Mom! Can I have more?

Raspberry picking

Someone enjoys eating raspberries


Family Camp 2011

We went to our first Family Camp in Canada this year in Elbow, SK.

We did lots of swimming and playing in the sand! Zeke enjoyed the trails and enjoyed running everywhere!

Lots of reading by the campfire.

Some of the Mamas and their babies. :)

What a fun week learning about Jesus, meeting new people, and making great family memories!

First hair cut

We finally got around to cutting Theo's hair in July. When we were traveling in June and July, we got called a girl move than once. So, Danny got the clippers out and we went to work.

Before: After:
It looks like such a big boy! Almost makes ths Mama a little sad :(

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can you guess?

I got lucky and had the same outfit packed for our trip that Zeke had worn two summers prior while we were still living in MN.

Can you guess who is Zeke and who is Theo? And, Big Brother was a great help!

Summer Vacation to MN

After WI, we headed north to MN to see family! Zeke was super excited to see his cousin Hannah and also meet his newest cousin Noah! Aunt Shana planned an amazing birthday party for the two 3 year olds. She even created cool fire truck cakes, and they got to visit a fire station.

Enjoying cuddles with cousin Ashley.

We went strawberry picking while we were there!

Then, we headed to Ipoint for an amazing weekend of Family Camp! What a wonderful weekend.

Ama and Gpa after falling in the lake after being out in the canoe. They are still smiling!

Lots of great memories made!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A big Trip South

I am super far behind in blogging so will be trying to catch up with some of our summer traveling! We headed down to WI at the end of June for my cousin's wedding! A fun 26 hours in the car with an almost 3 year old and almost one year old! In all honesty, the boys did amazing and we are thankful we traveled through the night.

We even managed to get to airport in Milwaukee right as my sister and her family arrived on their flight from Spokane. Zeke was pretty excited. (still wearing his pjs)The wedding was fun and thankful we had the chance to see lots of family! The dessert wasn't bad either as you can see from Zeke's face!

My sister's little boy was the ring bearer and he did an awesome job!

We stayed at my Uncle and Aunt's lake cottage with my parents and sister's family for almost a week following the wedding! We had a 4 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old, and almost a 1 year old! Busy! We even got to ride a train!

Lots of great memories made with cousins! Super special when you leave so far apart from each other!

We celebrated Zeke's third Birthday and my sister's _ _ birthday. It was wonderful to be together.

We found this AMAZING children's museum and the kids (including Danny) could have played forever!

But, Theo was not excited about learning the ropes regarding money from the around the world despite my Dad's best efforts! :)

Thanks Dad and Mom for all you did to help us all get together!