Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More adventures!

Beautiful Apls

Some amazing pictures that Danny took on some adventures with the boys!  

Thankful for Gpa and Ama

We were so thankful for Gpa and Ama as they stayed in France for 6 weeks while Samuel and I were in the NICU to help us care for Zeke, Theo, and Jonah.  

They played games each night with the boys, they took them to school, went grocery shopping for us, read books to them, put them to bed, and so much else.  We are so thankful for their help and their love shown to us and the boys while they were here.  

Home sweet Home in France

I had plenty of help from Samuel's big brothers when he finally got home.  
They were so excited to have him home!  I was so excited to finally be home! 

 Jonah 2 years old
 Theo 3 years old
 Zeke 5 years old

Samuel almost 3 months old!  

Friday, May 8, 2015

Surgery Day

It was discovered that Samuel would need to have a pull through procedure in order to remove the segment of Samuel's large intestine that was not innervated and was not working.  
 Some cuddling and loving before he was taken for surgery.  The surgeon would be doing a biopsy throughout the large intestine to find what needed to be taken out and then pull the healthy innervated area down and attach it to the end of Samuel's intestine.  
 My poor baby following his surgery.  He remained on the ventilator through the night.  

 We were able to go home 5 days after surgery after some training of care things for Samuel.  I was thrilled to return home with all of my boys!  

 My view I spent many hours looking and praying over.  And Charlette, one of our favorite nurses.  

A few days before his surgery

How cute is he.  :)  
 A few things that we used daily for about 4 weeks!  I had to take a picture to remember.  

I think he is smiling. :)  

A parade at the Boy's school