Monday, February 27, 2012

Jonah Daniel Bronson

Jonah Daniel Bronson arrived Saturday February 25, 2012 at 9:51am!!

We are thrilled with all 10lbs 1oz of him!  
He is huge and cute and I am in love!
 Started having contractions about 5am that morning, headed to the hospital a few hours later after an VERY uncomfortable 30 minute drive there!
I was 81/2 to 9cm dilated when we arrived!
The first push was at 9:49am, my water broke at 9:50am, and Jonah was born at 9:51am!
We are so thankful he is finally here and everyone is healthy!  Will post more pics later!  :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Danny!

French Toast for Breakfast from a recipe from his Mom!  :)
I also had a little helper!  
 My two helpers making a baseball cake for Daddy!  The both ate a LOT of frosting.  

 Happy Birthday!  We love you!  
And, Baby decided he/she did NOT want to share a birthday with Danny!  
Hmm, God only knows when this little one will arrive!  
Thinking my baby may be the size of a small toddler when he/she arrives.  :) 

Family Winter Retreat

Our Church sponsors a Family Winter Retreat at a Camp about an hour from Birch Hills!  Danny and Zeke attended most of the weekend, while my parents, Theo, and I came for an afternoon!  
What a fun place for the 60 or so people that attended!  
Zeke LOVED the playground!  

 A fun walk!  
 No swimming today.  

Visits from my Parents!

My parents were able to come for TWO WHOLE weeks to see the boys and wait on the arrival on Baby #3!  :)  The boys had an amazing and super special time with my parents.  And, Baby #3,  he/she decided that she wanted to stay put until an later date!  :)  
 Sleeping with Papa!  
 Loving on "Elmo"
 A fun Valentine's Dinner out!  :)

 Yummy Dessert in cute dishes!  

The boys and my Mom on the Sleigh Ride!  :)  

My parent's visit coincided with the 1st Annual Brrr Chills Winter Festival!  It was a whole week of super fun activities planned in our town.  We had a light parade, sledding, a bonfire, curling events, hockey games, yoga in the snow, horse sleigh rides, pancake meals, a movie night, and other events!  What a great week with a great turnout to all events!  And, the temperature for most of the week was above freezing!  Hooray!  
 The beautiful horses!
 Theo enjoying a snow snack!  
Zeke climbing the giant snow pile in town!  :)

And, still waiting on Baby!  :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When??? What???

My parents arrived last night from Montana, contractions most of the night with little sleep, and both of my boys have been born on a Tuesday!  :)

So, do you have a guess?
Boy or Girl
Today or God teaching me more about patience.  :)

Bath time fun!

Little shaving cream fun before our bath!  
Think they liked it!  

More indoor winter fun!

We usually don't wear shoes inside, but have your ever tried dancing with your snow boots on!  
Totally Fun!  
 Looking cool in our new snow suit from a friend!  
 Ring around the Rosie action in out snow suits for extra padding!  :)
 Making tents with blankets
 Do you look this good in boots?  

 I didn't think so!  :)

Mom's night out

 Had Birch Hills's 1st annual Mom's night out thanks to inspirations from Suzanne!  
Thanks Suzanne!  :)  
What a fun night of laughter, great new friends, and hopefully some encouragement as well!  :)  

 The BEST white Elephant gift!  A toilet seat!  :)  

Thankful for these ladies!  :)