Wednesday, December 14, 2011

christmas card 2011

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

My amazing husband!

Danny spent almost an entire Saturday cutting firewood for our family.

This is one of our piles! It should last until at least January!

Thanks Honey!

My reading boys

Walked past Theo's room today and smiled as I saw my boys reading.

So cute!

Thanks Mom

I had the chance to go the big city of Saskatoon ALL DAY with some ladies from church KID FREE this last Wednesday as Danny took the day off. I know that is a special treat which won't happen again once for awhile once #3 arrives.

Found this in a cool little store.

A blessing and fun in a box

A family from church gave us their artificial tree as they had recently purchased a new one!

The boys were eager to help Danny with the setup. And, we discovered the tree box might be more fun than the tree.

Zeke's black eye

At a Christmas party last week, Zeke had a little introduction to the back of a chair.

I think the chair might have won!

We was running full speed with another little boy, turned to look at the boy, and ran right into the back of the chair. After a few tears and a little ice, he quickly recovered enough to return running around with his friend. He woke up the next morning and said, "Does it still look good, Mama?"

He wanted me to make sure and take a picture from the side too. :)

Belated Thanksgivng Fun!

We had the chance to travel to Dickinson, ND for Thanksgiving to spend time with family in Aunt Becky and Uncle Jamie!

Super thankful we could do and loved the amazing weather while we were there! Zeke kept asking where the snow was! Just my big boy on Thanksgiving! Can't believe he will be a big brother soon!

Aunt Becky, Danny, and Ama cooking up something.

Lots of reading happening in the house.

And, what FUN and EXHAUSTING!

4 cousins 3 years and younger.

They had SO much fun together over the long weekend and they were busy!

Our attempt at a group photo, not bad if I do say so myself

Theo (15 months), Zeke (3), Hannah (3), Noah (7 months)

Thanks Aunt Becky!

What a fun time!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just a cute photo

Fun with Annika

We have the chance to have a friend come over and play a few days a week. It is fun to see the fun games she and Zeke come up with and the pretend and imaginary play that occurs!
Check out their awesome artwork! :)
Theo had to get in on the action too!

Snow fun!

Winter is here!
We had a great visit from Danny's Dad and Step mom for his ordination.
Zeke has been so excited for the snow. Hope he still feels that way when it is still here in April! :)

We are getting lots of use of my $5 sled I got at Garage Sale Days this last summer! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Danny's Ordination

Danny was ordained on November 13, 2011.

What a special day! Our big man even wore a tie for the day!

We are proud of you Reverend Bronson :) for all of your hard work!
WE love you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Garden lessons

Danny and I are new gardeners. . . lets hope next year the carrots turn out a little bit better. :)

Getting better

One of my goals while living in SK is to learn how make good bread. It seems like everyone up here makes their own bread and buns, and they are willing to share their secrets.

Yummy, here is a few photos to show that I am making progress. Caramel pecan rolls with my mom while she was visiting.
Whole wheat bread fresh from the oven

cute pics

Cute Elephants

and rocking boys

A Field Supper

Where are we going? Off to our very first Harvest Field Supper!
Zeke loved watching everything up close!

Yummy Food!

What a Fun night, we are so very thankful for our community!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a birthday party

We were invited out to some friend's beautiful farm for their little girls 2nd birthday party! They even had a zip line for the little guys!

Theo especially enjoyed himself as he realized that he could reach the little kid table and finished off many of the other children's food as well as helping himself to more than 10 marshmallows.
Nice Theo!

We have a winner!

Zeke won a coloring contest that the community grocery store held and won a Saskatchewan Roughriders blanket! Go Zeke! :)

Blessed by other's harvest

We have been blessed by the generosity of others in our community with lots of produce! I especially loved this when an older couple from church dropped off some produce and even named the potatoes!

A race like I have never seen before. . .

It might have been the highlight of the 2011 car show. But, what are we watching you ask?

The Annual Belt Sander Race! Fun was had by all. :)

The parade

The Bronson Family got the opportunity to be in our 1st parade! We even got to throw candy!

We were able to be on the float that carried the ministerial association and their families.

Birch Hills has a community church service followed by a parade and BBQ for Threshing Days.

What a fun experience for a three year old!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things my boys love

A little swimming followed by some fun in the mud! Visits from the garbage truck!