Sunday, January 5, 2014

Off to Germany and Switzerland!

Based on the recommendation of another classmate, we decided to head home by a round about way through Hamburg, Germany in order to check out the World's Largest Display of Trains!  
The Big boy (Danny) was probably more excited than all of the little boys!  But, it was a GREAT day and think the boys will be talking about it for some time!  

Thankful for these traveling opportunities and experiences!  But, it was also wonderful to have the chance to return "home" and get back into some sort of routine!  

Trip to Holland

After Christmas, we had the chance to travel to Holland to visit my cousin.  She has two young boys and wanted to take the opportunity to see her while we were "closer" than Africa or the US.  
We had a blast playing at her home as well as traveling to a kid's adventure land.  Plus, an added bonus was that everyone is Holland seems to speak English very well!  

Powdered sugar and boys

Shortly after finishing some baking, Zeke ran to me and said, "Mom, you better come quick."  Jonah had found the container of powdered sugar and dumped a huge pile on the floor.  He was VERY proud of himself and already covered in powdered sugar! 
 So, I quickly had the big boys strip down to their underwear and they all had a blast.  Then, they all grumbled a bit when I made them help me clean it up.  

A Birthday Party for Jesus

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

A family on campus hosted anyone who stayed on campus for a Christmas Eve potluck!  I  think there was maybe 50 people there from all over the world getting ready to head all over the world to tell people about Jesus.  

 They even had a Christmas craft for the kids!  

Christmas Day!!!  

 The boys got to open one present on Christmas Eve and they were both VERY excited about a new lego car. They had fun building it right away and woke up wanting to play with it in the morning.  

 Danny reading the Christmas story with his sidekick Jonah.  

 I guess the theme this year was superheros or legos!  They LOVE dressing up as a superhero in order to save the day!  

It was a very different Christmas here in France, and we were really missing family and our Canadian family.  But, we are thankful for the new friends we have made here and the chance to celebrate 
Christ's birth as a family.  

Christmas Program and Christmas Crafts

Zeke and Theo were both in the Christmas program at the church we attend.  Theo decided the day of the program that he was a little too nervous to continue.  But, I was so proud of Zeke that he did it and even sang most of the songs in French!  

 Some of our mess as they "helped" me make some sugar cookies.  It was definitely an experience with three busy boys!  
 A friend on campus also had a Gingerbread making party for a lot of the kids the language center.  I think they were brave inviting LOTS of kids in their home and giving them sugar!  :)  The boys had a blast in making a very non traditional Gingerbread house without any Gingerbread!  :)  

Some new experience around Christmas

The town of Albertville does a huge light and fireworks celebration at the beginning of December to kick off the holiday season.  The boys LOVED watching the lights and most of them (except Zeke) enjoyed the fireworks.  The night finished with free hot chocolate or hot wine provided by the town.

The boys enjoyed putting together their nativity scenes as well.  

Danny especially enjoyed the start of curling season and the opportunity to go and curl weekly.  He really enjoyed learning to curl when we lived in Canada and was excited to do it again!!