Friday, May 30, 2008

What we do for Fun in Minnesota :)

Surprise Visit from My Parents!

Surprise for Mandy! I got home from work this last Friday, and my parents were sitting in our living room (with a few baby presents from MT)! My mom and Danny had done lots of planning, phone calling, and texting. It was a great surprise (I started crying, must be the pregnancy). We had a wonderful weekend with the chance to try restaurants we had never been to before (yeah, free food), introduce them to friends in Fergus, hear Danny's preach at a small country church, and enjoy their company. I can't believe the next time I will see them if when I'm having a Baby! Wow!

We walked around Fergus on Memorial day enjoying all of the flags they put up.

We even played a game together-Mah Jong. As you can see from the Dad's cheesy smile, games are not his favorite pastime!

And, if case anyone asks, this IS my WINNING HAND from Mah Jong! Except, I might have forgotten to follow all of the rules in order to get this hand. But, you wouldn't believe how big the rule book is!

A Dad in training needs a nap too!

I guess "Dad's in training" need a nap too sometimes!

And, here I am at 31 weeks!
It feels like it takes forever for a baby to come!

Seminary Graduation and visit from MT

Seminary Graduation was May 17th. Danny got asked to usher at the ceremony so I even got to make him wear a tie. It was a great celebration with friends and exciting to think Danny will graduate in another two years!
Danny and I had the chance to have visitors from MT! I had the chance to mentor this two friends, Kelsie and Melissa, while they were in high school in MT. Kelsie just finished her first year at college in Bemidji, and Melissa flew out to help her drive home. They even made dinner for me as they were here on Mother's day!

We had a great weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby's (oops I mean Danny's) Closet

Danny has used the closet in the spare bedroom since we moved in because I have too much stuff! Lately, I have been slowly slipping baby clothes into that closet as that room is becoming Baby Bronson's room. I wasn't sure if Danny was noticing. But, I guess he was. This is what happened this last Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church.
Danny: I don't think this will fit.
Mandy: What? (I was drying my hair, probably yelling a little bit)
Danny: I don't think these clothes will fit me.
(pointing to the newborn baby outfit)
Mandy: Ha, ha! Very funny :)
We both had a good laugh. I'll let you know who ends up with the closet in the end.