Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anthony Foulk

After spending a great time all together as a family, we suddenly lost Anthony on
  Father's Day June 17, 2012 at the age of 18. 

 He is the handsome red head holding Zeke in the picture in the top row.  
On their way home from MT, their car rolled and Anthony died. 
 These pictures are now even so much more precious 

We love you and miss Anthony Aaron Foulk!

Bronson Family pictures

We were able to take family picture while we were all together.  
And, it seemed most were even happy during the pictures!!

The siblings from the top clockwise:  Beth, Debbie, Danny, Andy, and Becky with Rocky and Rebecca minus their oldest brother Alvin who was killed when he was 25.  

The whole crew!  

Rocky and Rebecca, siblings and their spouses.  

 The cousins, what a great crew

Surprise for G-pa 70th Birthday!

The next week, we showed up at church on Sunday to surprise G-pa for his 70th birthday!  
What he didn't know, was that the rest of the family would be coming throughout the week!
What a wonderful week with family and awesome memories made!!  
 My beautiful niece Ashley! She will be a senior in high school this year, so proud of her!  
 Noah getting a little too much help to finish lunch.  :)
 Trouble!  :)
 The runners plus two after their morning run.  
 I planned some meals and this is the crew of Operation Peel the Egg for Egg Salad Sandwiches!
We peeled 30 eggs in about 10 minutes!  
 Jonah providing his assistance!  
 My whole Egg crew!  
 Cousin Gracie reading to the almost 4 year olds!
 The boys learning about remote controlled cars from the experts!  
We headed out to lunch to celebrate the 4 year olds!  
They were pretty excited when they both got the same remote controlled car!  :)

So many other great times but here are just a few!  :)

Sweet friends

I am so thankful for my friendship with Lacey and it has been so wonderful to have babies with her.  
She has 2 year old twin girls, and a baby girl 4 days older than Jonah.  
When we hang out with my three, it is a little crazy to say the least!!  
We decided we will someday sit for hours and talk, now we just 
chase our kids and get in short sentences between the chaos!  

Here is Miss R. and Jonah!  

Love you Lacey!  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crossroads Reunion

Danny and I had the chance to be apart of a Christian fellowship college and career group while we both lived in Billings called Crossroads.  It is actually how we met!  
I am so thankful for the group and the influence it had on my faith 
and the Godly friendships that I made in that group.  
We were able to have a little reunion while we were home.
When we were involved, most of the group was single.  
Now, most of the group is married and most have LOTS of kids!  
So fun to see everyone and ALL of the kids!  

 The whole crew that day!

Thanks friends for your influence on our lives and for your friendship!  
Awesome to see where God is taking us all now!  

Trip to Montana in June

Our next big adventure took us to Billings, MT to visit my family and head to their amazing cabin!  
 Theo helping Dad mow the lawn, probably his favorite thing to do.  
 My lovely sister took my camera and added some pictures so here you go, Katie!  
 Actually, this one is super cute so THANKS!  
Zeke, his cousin Morgan, and my sister
 Yes, that is whip cream that my mom is allowing my children to eat right from the can.  
 Most of crew minus Jonah
 And, there he is.  :)  
 We had LOTS of fun waking Papa and Elmo up from their nap!  
 Theo in the pool with his clothes on, very typical.  
 Adventures with the neighbor's horses.  
 The big cousins, Ryan and Zeke, after running through the sprinklers!  
 Jonah decided it was just too much excitement!  
 One of their favorite places:  On Elmo's lap
Relaxing with Papa!  
What an amazing few days and we still had a few more days of vacation left!!!

Birch Hills Community Garden

 We had the chance to be apart of the first ever Community Garden in Birch Hills!
A few or my friends are doing it too and has been so much fun.  
But, I'm hoping we don't get kicked out as we have been travelling LOTS and the weeds are overtaking us!  
 My not so happy helper!
 A few of the ladies!  What a fun group!  

And, just a fun memory!  Lots of sleeping boys in my bed!  :)  

Trip To Spokane in MAY!

I am SO far behind in blog posts so will attempt to catch up a bit!  
In May, we had the chance to drive to Spokane, WA to spend a week with my sister and her family!  After a LONG 20 hours in the car, we made it safely and had an awesome time!
The boys checking out the fish while we were out for sushi, not something you can get to eat everyday in Birch Hills, Sask!  
 All of the cousins except for Jonah!  What a great time!  

 Making cookies!  
And, the grown-ups (plus Jonah) got to go to eat at the Melting Pot!!  Thanks Dad and Mom!