Thursday, July 21, 2011

More playgroup Fun

Just to prove that we do have summer in Sk! :)

Enjoying the warm weather with playgroup friends!

Big Brother giving a push to the little guys! :)

Trip To Lustre

On our way back to SK, the boys and I spent the night in Lustre, MT visiting the Olfert Family! I have always wanted to see where they are farming and thankful we had the chance for a quick visit!
Fun on the swings!

A tractor ride except Zeke was too chicken to actually stay in it once it was turned on! :)

Much better when it was quiet!

Thanks so much Dawson and Alicia and boys! So awesome to see your home!

And, Dawson, thanks so much for driving in the field in the car.

Now, every time we drive past a field (which is quite often in Birch Hills)

Zeke asks me to drive through the grass. :)

Quick Trip

In early May, the boys are I went on a quick trip down to MT to surprise my Dad.

He had fallen while visiting us and had broken his pelvis. The LONG drive with a 2 year old and 10 month old was worth the surprised look on his face! Lunch at Olive Garden with Elmo! I was happy! :)
My sister also came at the end of our trip so all the grand kids were together for one day!
Fun and busy! :)

A new defensive strategy

Danny and I are moving from a man on man defense to a zone defense in late February 2011. Baby Bronson #3 will be arriving!