Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby clothes and getting bigger

My mom sent an Easter package for Baby Bronson. We have his first swimming outfit in case he decides he wants to be a championship swimmer some day. :)

So, here is a picture of me at 23 weeks. I still can fit in my regular clothes. Ok, honestly I only have three pairs of pants that fit. I'm a little bit worried about finding maternity pants that are long enough!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday and Adventure!

On Easter Sunday, we had the family (Eric, Beth, Ashley, Kari, Toby and David Simonsen and Andy and Shana Bronson) over for dinner after church. Danny and I planned an Easter Hunt for the kids. We hid more than 50 eggs, and I think they found them in less than 10 minutes. Later in the day, they hid them again for us. Unfortunately, I think we are still missing 4 eggs. :) I'm sure we will find them someday.

For their Christmas present, Danny and I had purchased tickets to go to a water park about an hour away. The Monday after Easter, we finally completed the fun day. They had a blast and definitely got my exercise!

Ashley, Danny, and Toby climbing up to go down the water slide again! Two many times to count!

David enjoying the hot tub!

Ashley and I taking a break!

Danny and our niece Kari!

Easter fun and visitors!

My Favorite Egg! He even had ears. I am trying to make a face like the egg. How did I do?

We had visitors from Bemidji over Easter. I know Kelsie from MT through church stuff. We were able to go to church together, decorate eggs and have a fun Easter egg hunt! We were thankful they had the chance to come!

It's a __________!

It is a BOY!
We had our ultrasound in March and were excited to find out we are having a boy! Here our a few of our ultrasound pictures.

Starting to look like I am going to have a Baby!

Christmas in MT

Danny and I were very thankful to have some time off work to return to MT for Christmas. My sister and her husband also were able to come home from Spokane, WA with my nephew Ryan. We spent a few days in Billings and spent some great time at the cabin. We were also able to make it to two weddings while we were home. It was a very busy time, but a great time as well!

Visit from my parents and a surprise!

My parents had the chance to come out for their first visit to us in MN on their way to a Green Bay Packer game. We had fun showing them our home and our new town. We also took my mom to some antique shops that made her very very happy!

We are going to
have a baby! We first found out in November and shared with family. It was very difficult to wait until Christmas to tell everyone else! We are so excited for July to meet him or her.

Mr. T

Meet my husband, Mr. T. for Halloween
this year! Every year, Danny cuts his hair
into a mohawk on Halloween for the kids on
the bus! I guess it is just something I need
to get used to. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fall in MN

Our first fall together in MN. We enjoyed the beautiful colors.

Our Home in MN

Just a few pictures of our home in MN