Saturday, August 23, 2008

My knight in shining armor on a white horse. . .

My knight in shining armor on a white horse. . .

ok so more like my husband in a red t-shirt in a 1989 white 15 passenger van

So Today I decided to take Zeke and travel to Hutchinson, MN for him to meet my Great Uncle Orville and Aunt Harriet. Danny was unable to go as he is driving bus tomorrow to an amusement park for a school in town.

I was proud of myself as I had everything packed and a sleeping child in the car seat as we took off about 1pm. At about 1:30pm, I start noticing an increase in shaking in the car and a weird noise. Then, it sounded (at least to me) like the entire underside of the car fell out on the interstate. Not to over exaggerate, but, I freaked out and called my husband panicking on the side of the road. In describing my difficulty on the phone, I came to realize I had a flat tire. My first thought was: "Awesome, a flat tire only 30 minutes into the trip with a newborn. How fun." Ok, so that wasn't my first thought. I climbed out the car and with the instruction book in hand starting changing the tire.
Thankfully, I had changed quite a few tires while living in the mountains in MT for a bit. But, this was a bit more exciting as the semi trucks flew by me on the interstate and with my baby asleep in his car seat. To make an already long story shorter, I was only able to get one of the five wheel nuts loose by myself. I guess I really need to get back in shape after having a baby. So, I called Danny and out he came to save the day in this: Our 15 passenger van :)
He changed the tire and calmed me down (I'm not sure what was the harder job). I decided to forfeit the trip to Hutchinson for another weekend, and back to Fergus we headed. Overall, it was a very exciting four hours that I traveled 37 miles away from out house and 37 miles back to our house.
And, I am really thankful Zeke and I are ok as this is what the tire looks like. I guess it was more of a blowout than a flat tire.

I prayed for safety for Zeke and me as we left on this adventure and God provided that. Thank you God! And, as you can see from the picture below, Zeke was pretty chilled out through the whole adventure as he slept through it. I love my husband and I'm so thankful!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A good egg and getting fat!

So, we are helping out with Danny's sister and family's house while they are traveling. Therefore, that involves talking care of their dogs, some kittens, and chickens. Well, honestly, Danny is doing most of the work.

But, check out the egg on the right. I made Danny crack it because I was scared there might be a whole baby chick in there or something. And, do you know what we found. . . A double yoke!

And, it is a big day today. I was able to pack up all of the preemie clothes because my little boy is getting fat. I am going to go and weigh him sometime this week, but I think he has to be nearing 10 lbs. Check it out for yourself! See all of the fat rolls. :) :)

And a cool picture from a wedding we went to in MT!

I still can't believe we have a kid! How cool. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Then, onto the Cabin

Next, I headed to my family's cabin for four days. This cabin is my favorite place in the world with many memories as my parents have owned it since I was 2.

It is especially special since Danny and I got married there more than a year ago. Here we are with our first kiss!

I even got spoiled by my Dad when he took me to get ice cream at the Dew Drop while my mom babysat. :)
And Dad, all I can say is I love you despite your taste in fashion.

And, Zeke seems to have a magical effect in putting people to sleep. I especially like this one with the open mouth effect. Hope you forgive me Mom!

Onto the next adventure

From Dickinson, Danny headed back to Fergus because he had to work. :( Since I am still on maternity leave, I thought it would be great to drive the rest of the way to MT and spend time with friends and family. :) It was an awesome time and so much fun introducing Zeke to so many people I love and care about. Here are a few pictures from out time there.

A baby shower with old co-workers.

I miss you guys!

Old friends

I got the chance to visit some special kids that I used to work with as well and introduce them to Zeke!

Our Traveling

We first headed to Dickinson, ND for Zeke's first wedding. Danny's little sister Becky got married. We traveled in the car with Zeke's older cousin (by 3 days) and family and we made it alive with two kids about a month old. :)

My crazy husband. . . wonder where he gets it from. . .

oh yeah, his dad

My tired and hot little boy

Our family at our first wedding reception. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tired after traveling

Well, it has been almost a month since I have posted a blog. We have been busy with traveling first to Dickinson, ND for Danny's little sister's wedding and then onto Montana to visit family and friends. It was an awesome time and I promise to post pictures as soon as I catch up on laundry, cleaning the house, and buying something to put in our refrig.

Here is one photo of a tired little traveler after driving through the night last night. Unlike his parents, at least he still looks cute after traveling. :)