Monday, October 8, 2012

Family pictures 2012

My friend took some family pictures for us this fall, and I LOVE them!  She gave me about 150 of them and I have trouble picking out my favorites!  
Here are a few!  

Our big boys!

 Zeke almost 4.5 years
 Theo 2 years (he had just eaten an orange and he is a very full body eater!  :)  He loves his food.  But, the boys really wanted a picture with their Spiderman shirts.  
 Jonah 7 months!  
 He is up on hands and knees all of the time and army crawling!  I am afraid he will be moving soon!  Am I really ready for 3 that move when I can barely keep up with 2 that move!  :)  

At the Zoo

Danny usually has Mondays off and took his opportunity to go to Saskatoon for Zoo and Costco trip!
Such a fun family day!  
Thankful for the adventure we can go on as a family and fun to see the boys enjoy them in new ways as they get older too!  :)

Corn maze and family fun

Danny having WAY too much fun in the corn maze.  I thought this was for the kids!  :)

 The boys with our friend Erica!  :)  The love her!  

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Starting school, sniff sniff!

Zeke started preschool this year.  It is two morning a week and has been a great experience so far.  I am volunteering as a parent helper too so it has been fun to see him in action!  

Theo didn't want to miss out on the fun!  

LOVE this picture!  My BIG boys!  They are turning out to be such Great friends!  


Our town just completed building their first skatepark with LOTS of work from folks from our church.  These are a few of the construction pics but will have to put more up later of the finished product!  Will be something great for the youth in our community!  

 Me and my little man on another lake day!  :)  

He is getting so big!  

Zeke's swimming lessons

Zeke completed his first week of swimming lessons!  
It was a fun week and thankful for the great teachers at Marion Aquatics!  

Our 2nd annual Threshing Day

It was another beautiful day for our town Threshing Day.  
It starts with a community wide (almost said wild which it was with three kids) church service, followed by parade (which we get to be in as Danny is on the ministerial board), bbq, games, and Threshing.

Such a FUN and GREAT family fun day!  

 Yep, Theo was a VERY happy little boy.  Our parade float was pulled by a tractor!!!