Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fun in Fargo/Moorhead

We had the chance to head to Moorhead this last weekend as Danny helped out with Sunday school there.
Hannah and Zeke are a few days apart, and it is SO much to watch them as they play together.
They decided it is not too bad to sit together.
But, it is also ok to sit apart. Pretending they were "sleeping" on the air mattress.

Playing with 'da ball" (as Zeke calls it) after church

I can't remember if they are making lions sounds or something, but it turned out cute anyway. :)

Thanks for the fun weekend Uncle Andy, Aunt Shana, and Hannah!

One of my favorite things

I'm once again coaching the Fergus Falls Jr. Special Olympic Basketball team, and we are having a blast.
Here we are at our second tournament this year in Brainerd.
Notice the blue hair on some of the athletes, that is new this year.

And, we Won! 3 on 3 Division Champs at Regionals!
Now we are off to State on April 10th and 11th.

I'm going to miss these guys!

My boys

My Biking Boys My Sliding Boys

My Reading Boys

I love them!

Monday, March 15, 2010


We have had a busy couple of weeks. Our realtor wanted us to work on a few small projects on our house before listing on March 1st.
Danny worked super hard and his brother Andy came over to help as well.
We listed our house on a Monday, March 1st and it sold on a Thursday, March 4th!!!!
I think I may still be in a bit of shock.
We are so thankful! God is good! Plan still is to move to Billings at the very beginning of June. Packing has started!
We are excited for the chance for new opportunity, but also hard to leave our friends here.
We have lots of first memories in this house.
Danny and I moved her a month after getting married, our first house together!
We had our first child in this house and I survived my first MN winter.

Monday, March 1, 2010


My parent's gave me this t-shirt after I graduated with my Master's Degree in Pittsburgh and moved back home to MT into their basement prior to my next series of transitions. :)
Well, the transitions are beginning again. But, now, I am moving back into my parent's basement a few years older with my husband who will have just graduated with his Master's Degree, an almost two year little boy, a baby on the way, and a dog. :)
Do you think they still think it is priceless? :)
We have accepted a call for Danny to fill in for a church in Billings, MT for the summer months following his graduation from seminary in May. We are planning to live with my parents in my old room in their basement as they are gracious enough to allow us to move in for the summer. They are still considering the possibility of a home birth for baby #2. :)
The plan after that is something God hasn't allowed us to see yet.
We would love your prayers over all of our transitions and future!
Zeke is just excited about the new buttons that are now attached to our house.
Anyone want to buy a house in Fergus Falls?
I might just know how to help you!