Thursday, March 29, 2012

A LONG post

This is a combinations of LOTS of things during this last month!  
Where did March go?  
So, here goes. . . 

 Jonah's best sleep in the 1st few weeks was from 7 to 9am, not a lot of continuous sleeping happened before that during the night.  He looked super cute in the morning but boy was this Mama tired.  
 Zeke LOVES his baby brother.  
 Theo looking good in boots.  He has a baby doll that he has been playing with all of the time!  Here he is putting his baby in the car seat with plenty of blankets.  

  My handsome little man.  

 My Mom and Dad came to visit twice and were such a GREAT help.  

We got some family pictures done from a friend who is starting a photography business.  
LOVE how they turned out.  

 What a blessing to be a Mama to three little boys!  

 My mom and the boys enjoying some technology.  

Jonah at one week!

 Theo at 19 months

Then, G-pa and Ama came to visit!  
We had fun together and Rebecca stayed an extra week to help me and the boys!  

 Rebecca aka the "Baby Whisperer"

Jonah's Baptism

 Our Family of 5!  

First few days

Big Brother Zeke taking care of Jonah.  

A little Saskatchewan sunbathing.