Sunday, August 16, 2009

Visit from G-pa and Ama

Danny's Dad, Rocky, and step mom, Rebecca are visiting the states for about a month from Taiwan. We have had a great time with them and wanted to share some pics.
Here is Rebecca and I making zucchini muffins and cookies. They are taking a Kitchen Aid mixer back with them and Rebecca wanted to learn some new recipes.
Playing a heated game of Mah jongCousin Hannah and Zeke solving the world's problems while looking out the front picture window.
Zeke searched high and low to find David hiding in his sandbox. He couldn't quite figure out where the rest of him was hidden.

The whole gang minus Danny's older sister Debbie and family who live in Alaska.
Fun Family Times!

Some Dirty Sticky Fun

We went to Dad's softball game and Zeke decided to get involved in all of the action. I think he decided things involving dirt and baseballs are definitely fun!

I decided it was time to introduce the sucker.

It was already WAY past Zeke's usually bedtime and he was filthy. So. . . we might as well introduce loads of sugar with no nutritional value.

What is this thing, Mama? Are you sure you put it in your mouth?

I starting to get this sucker thing figured out.