Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter egg hunting attire

It case you like to plan ahead and are thinking about what you want to wear next year for Easter egg hunting, Zeke wanted to give you a good idea for an outfit. :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

He is RISEN!

Crackers anyone?

I was just finishing dinner when Theo decided he was super hungry and was unable to wait one more minute for his supper. I asked Zeke to help me by giving him a few little crackers.

"ok, Mama, I did it. Theo has a snack"

I tell Zeke thanks as I see this!


Theo is pumped and was trying to shovel all of them into his mouth before I took some away.

Thankful for my boys!


We went bowling with another church from town.

What a fun afternoon! It was great to meet a bunch of new people and enjoy some Canadian bowling. :) We used a small ball with no holes for your fingers.

Me and my "bigger boy" as he calls himself Bowling pictures now provided by this bigger boy Zeke.
Must have liked the shoes

Nice floor!

Cracker making

Zeke and I couldn't resist making Graham crackers into the shape of eggs.


The Green Guys

We had the chance to plant some "green guys" the other day at story time at the library.

Zeke has been fascinated with these "green guys" and asks about them quite often.

He still can't quite seem to understand why he can't play with them. :)

But, we wanted to introduce you to the "green guys" Just a little guy here. . . Meet The Peas Meet the Beans

Growing quickly!

Things grow fast in Canada :)

We need to find a place to plant the "Green Guys" quick!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Anyone know what this is?

No far quessing if you live in Lustre :) just kidding Alicia!


Good, I don't either! But, I am sure I will know what it is and the purpose of it

after my first spring, summer, and fall in a farming community!

Farmer Appreciation Day

Some friends invited us to the Customer Appreciation Days in

Kinistino, SK last week

(only about 30 km from our home) We had the chance to visit the biggest Ag World Dealer in North America (just learned this fact, I bet you are really impressed) We had a wonderful dinner (that is what they call lunch up here), got to walk around and take a look at all of the vendors, meet some new people, and I even enjoyed a special program just for the women with harvest meal ideas. They handed out a new cookbook and apron to all of the women present, and I have already enjoyed trying out the new recipes! Lots of BIG machines and BIG tires made for a fun afternoon for Zeke!
Zeke was in the picture but got distracted by something as I took it.
Zeke got a balloon animal, enjoyed watching Charlotte's web in the children's section, and learned how to milk a cow from one of the gentleman in our congregation.

Thanks James!

It was melting. . .

But, April snow also brings May flowers. . . right???

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Still melting!

Zeke has been busy! So much spring cleaning to do outside:)

Who really needs grass to mow the lawn? You can even mow on the snow if you want. . . or the cement. . .

Busy, busy 2 year old!

So fun to watch!

Making boats

Danny and the youth made boats on Friday night to float in the very

full ditches from spring run off.

Zeke enjoyed participating!

Unfortunately for Danny, his boat got sucked into

the back wash of a culvert. . . and disappeared. :( Zeke showing off his awesome boat!

8 months old!

Anyone want a hug? I LOVE my big brother!
8 months old already! Such a big boy!