Monday, July 7, 2008

Wallaby Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, We went back into the doctor and again had his bilirubin tested. Zeke, I think, is getting sick of having his heel pricked. :( The good news is that his bilirubin level is 12.4, and we were told we could unplug the Wallaby and return it to the hospital. It is so awesome to have the chance to walk around our house with our baby. It is cool to stand back and be so thankful for the little stuff! I even took Zeke outside for awhile to go for a walk with the dogs. So, today was a day of lots of new "firsts" for Zeke and we are SO thankful. Thanks for all of the prayers. Here are of few pictures of our little man Wallaby Free!

The last picture of me on the Wallaby!

Dad and Mom trying me on for size! I think I like it!


Ekelund Fam said...

YAY! You guys are officially baby wearers now. Awesome! I can't wait to hold that adorable boy.

John and Lisa Webster said...

Yeah! So glad that you can be held and carried around now, Zeke! You are so little! Enjoy!

theolferts said...

Congratulations!!! He is a beautiful, or handsome, little guy! Seeing your pictures makes me even more excited about our next baby coming. Hopefully they can play together when you come and visit MT sometime =)Zeke and Diek!

Leingang Family said...

Congrats on your freedom, Zeke! Have fun hangin' out with your mom and dad! Aren't slings great?