Friday, July 18, 2008

Training your child

So, Danny and I have done some reading on the importance of training your child as they grow. . .

Well, I'm guessing that Tobie (the dog) has also done some of that same reading. Yesterday while Zeke was hanging out in his swing, she decided to start training him to play ball with her.

She very gently dropped the ball directly next to him in the swing and then waited for him to throw it. I'm not sure how long she would have waited. :)

I then had to tell her to he wasn't quite ready to play catch with her and to retrieve her ball as seen by this picture as Zeke looked on.

We also had some visitors with his two cousins and friend. I thought they were coming to hang out with me but I think I was mistaken. :)


Leingang Family said...

Don't worry Tobie, he'll be playing with ya before you know it!

Kevin, Brooke, Harrison & Emmett said...

So sweet! They will be best buddies when Zeke gets older!

Also, get used to being 2nd in line! Zeke will always be first. It's an okay thing though.

theolferts said...

Hey Mandy,
Diek would love to play when you guys come to MT! Maybe we could all get together somewhere and hang out with our kiddos. It will be fun to see you!

Joann said...

Happy one month birthday today little guy. I know you're keeping your parents smiling, hugging and loving.

Ekelund Fam said...

That is awesome! I will play with you Tobie. Just let me put on my allergy suit. ;)
Have fun in MT Bronson fam!