Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My First Weekend-"In the Lights"

Zeke's Big First Weekend

We just wanted to post a few pictures of our adventure this last weekend when Zeke had to return to the hospital due to a high bilirubin level. He spend about 24 hours under the big lights. We then returned home on Sunday night and continue to have his hooked up to a machine called a Wallaby for phototherapy.

See below for more info:
The most common treatment for hyperbilirubinemia is phototherapy, which uses fluorescent light to help transform bilirubin into a form the body can more quickly eliminate. Standard phototherapy is usually done in a hospital. However, babies with jaundice who are otherwise healthy may be treated at home with a type of phototherapy that uses a fiber-optic wrap, usually a blanket or a band. These wraps usually reduce blood bilirubin levels more slowly than standard phototherapy, so generally they are used only for mild jaundice. Sometimes standard therapy and fiber-optic wrap therapy are used together.2

Meet our Little
Glow Worm!


Ekelund Fam said...

That is a sweeet outfit! We are prayin' for you Bronsons!

Sharon said...

Congratulations! I jumped here from Jeromy's blog, and find the great news of a new son. My grandson also spent a day or two with the lights and blanket. They have come a long way in dealing with jaundice, when they can send the baby and family home to handle it -- although I know it's no easy task, and can include concern or anxiety plus the now common sleeplessnes. Bless you all.