Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My First Week

My First Week
Zeke here. Well, I turned a week old last night (Tuesday) at 8:29pm. I'm still a bit surprised that I am here, and I think my parents are too. I wasn't supposed to arrive until the end of July. But, last Tuesday at about 1:30am, my mom's water broke while she was sleeping. Boy, was she surprised. Both Mom and Dad ran around the house throwing things into a suitcase as they were not even sure what to pack for the big event. Mom was also a little worried as they were scheduled to take the labor preparation class this Saturday the 28th, but I guess I decided to come a little earlier. They were so surprised they didn't even think to take a picture of the two of them before they left for the hospital. They did call Mom's parents from MT to tell them to start the long drive, and I think we gave them a scare too. A friend who was born on the 23rd shared his experience of labor on his parents' blog, so I thought it was a good idea and wanted to try it, too.
  • 2:10am Arrive at the hospital and started an IV for Group B Strep (Mom hadn't been tested for it yet since we never made it to our 37 week appointment)

  • 2:30am They told Mom and Dad just to relax as the doctor would be in to check my Mom during morning rounds. But, I don't think Mom sleep at all. :(

  • 7:40am The doctor came and checked on Mom. She was already 4 cm dilated, but she wasn't feeling any contractions. She thought this labor thing was pretty easy. :) The doctor said he would give her about 12 hours to see if labor would get going naturally as Mom really hoped that would happen. But, because my nice safe surrounding (the amniotic fluid) was burst, I had to come out before 24 hours for my safety.

  • 8:00am They bought Mom breakfast of toast and chicken noodle soup. I guess that is what you are supposed to eat when you are in labor. Mom still had trouble believing that she was actually in labor. :)

  • 8:00am and on, Mom and Dad made tons of phone calls as she was supposed to be at work today. She had to call the nursing home to tell them even though she wasn't scheduled to start training her replacement until July 14th. She also was able to speak to the woman who was taking over for her at the hospital with the kids. Dad also had to call his job and ask for a few days off as his wife was in labor. It was a busy morning.
  • 9:00am Dad left for a few hours to get stuff from home and check on the dogs. I hadn't met them yet at that point, but I had heard them bark a few times and everyone said they were cool.
  • 12:00pm Nothing new to report. Mom kept walking around and my heart rate was staying strong. It was awesome too because lots of visitors came by to say hello.

  • 2:30pm The doctor came back in and started her on Pitocin since she was still 4cm dilated. She was bummed, but knew it was important to encourage me to come out.

  • 5:00pm Mom started to feel contractions a lot more. Dad was trying everything he could think of to help her. They also used a verse from Isaiah to help them and encourage them.

  • 6:30pm The nurse encouraged Mom to get up and use the bathroom. Mom was scared as everything hurt. And, for some reason, Mom kept throwing up during the labor. I think she did it 7 times in all. No fun!

  • 6:40pm The nurse recommended trying to sit on the therapy ball and Mom was willing to try anything at this point as long as there was a throw up bag close by. She ended up sitting on the ball between contractions and then standing up and leaning over Dad during the contractions. The started coming very fast.

  • 7:45pm The nurse asked Mom to get back into bed so she could be checked again. Mom was scared because it seemed to hurt so much more in the bed. But, the nurse checked and Mom was like 9cm dilated. The nurse had her wait a little while and then push through one contraction.

  • 8:00pm 10 cm dilated and they were calling the doctor

  • 8:05pm Mom started pushing. Man, that was not fun at all and Mom was making a lot of noise. Dad was all excited because he could see my hair when Mom was pushing.

  • 8:20pm The doctor told Mom to reach down and feel my hair. She was really excited!

  • 8:29pm Out I came! Dad and Mom were so thankful as I started yelling and crying right away. The doctor had said that something babies at 35 weeks have to get sent to Fargo (to the NICU) and sometimes the moms aren't able to hold them right away.

  • The doctor said I looked great and gave me to Mom. I don't know why, but she was crying a lot too.


Kevin, Brooke, Harrison & Emmett said...

I love the story of your big arrival Zeke! I know you'll keep your mommy and daddy on their toes! But they will be too excited and enjoying you so much to even notice!

Congrats you guys!

Joel, Emily, Corbin & Elias! said...

thanks for letting us in on the story! we can't wait to meet you!
God's blessings!

John and Lisa Webster said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Zeke! So glad you are home and are doing better!

Joann said...

Zeke, you are a great story teller. Thanks for sharing those very special hours with us. S0-0-0 glad you are doing well.
Hugs to all three of you!!

The Springer Family said...

Wow, what a great event! It's nice to meet you Zeke. Welcome to the world. Be a good boy from you mommy and daddy!
Congratulations to all of you!

We miss you all lots!