Monday, April 7, 2008

Special Olympics Basketball April 2008

Go Fergus Falls Junior Team!

I (Mandy) had the chance to travel to Monticello, MN this last weekend with the 3 on 3 basketball team I am coaching in Fergus Falls. The team has been a lot of fun and we had a blast this weekend. For 3 on 3 rules in Special Olympics, you play for 20 minutes or the first team to 20. Well, we won all four of our games by getting to 20 points before 20 minutes. By the last two games, I even asked two of the players to stop shooting and only pass the ball to the player that is still learning a lot about basketball. And, they did it. I'm still smiling. It was an amazing weekend. :) Here is a picture of the team!

My favorite part of the day was when I asked the team to pass to Alex so he could make his first shot of the game. Alex shot the ball. . . and missed 10 times in row. And, each time, his teammate Brandon would get the rebound, then pass to Ryan, who would pass to Alex. And, Alex would shoot again and miss. :) But, he finally made it. I almost cried, because I was so proud of their teamwork. It must be because I am pregnant. :)

And, here is the team again. We are off to state in Eden Prairie, MN this weekend!

And, there is a dance too. Life is too good!

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