Saturday, April 19, 2008

Discussion about Things to do before the baby comes

Time: Saturday morning 4/19/08 at 9:16am
Location: The Bronsons' house in Fergus Falls
Those present: Danny, Mandy, Tobie, and Josie (and Baby Boy Bronson)

Mandy: So, honey, are you going to set up the crib today. Please oh please!
Danny: Oh, today?
Mandy: Remember, we talked about it.
Danny: Was that today? Umm, yeah, I can do it. (with no excitement in his voice)
Mandy: Well.. . what time? I have a list of things I want to get done today and getting the baby room organized is one of them.
Danny: 4pm
Mandy: 4pm! UGH! That is the end of the day. Can't you make it earlier like right after your meeting this morning at 10am.
Danny: (laughing) Ok, especially since the baby is coming today at 2pm
Mandy: (smiling) very funny

(Does anyone else have a similar story? Our timeline just doesn't always seem to line up.
Maybe it is because I have this little baby in my tummy who keeps kicking me
reminding me he is coming soon! There is so much to do!)
Postscript: This is Mandy's interpretation of what was said. :)
Danny's might be a little bit different.


John and Lisa Webster said...

We have conversations like that WITHOUT expecting a baby! Hope you got the crib set up today!

Anonymous said...

Shana wanted to get our new baby's room set up a long time ago, but I've been dragging my feet (and we had A LOT of stuff to sort through to make space in that room :) We finally both had the motivation at the same time this weekend, though, and we have most of the big stuff done! We have several details we still want to figure out, but that shouldn't take as long as what we've already done.

theolferts said...

Dawson can totally relate to Danny! He was laughing as we were reading - I, on the other hand, could totally relate with you, Mandy! I remember being so excited to get the crib set up before we even had one. I was sure the baby would come and he wouldn't even have a bed. Then I needed the rocking chair to sit in - because what would I do without a rocking chair?! Dawson was pretty patient with me and I'm sure Danny is too. It is hard work carrying around a little baby and sometimes it makes us just a little crazy =)

Kari Joy, RN said...

Okay, so I have no baby coming, and no husband to have that sort of conversation with, but because I worked with Danny for so many years, I am still laughing out loud because I can hear Danny's voice saying those things! Thanks for the laugh!

And by the way, how did the day go? Any fun pictures to show us?

Ekelund Fam said...

HA! That is JUST how I feel when I am pregnant. Why is it that nobody feels the urgency that I do? My solution: I put up the crib. ;)