Saturday, November 27, 2010

A School Bus Story

This is Danny. Last Tuesday I drove school bus for an elementary school. This was a route I had never driven before so I was relying on the students to help me find the right places to stop. However, other than statements like, "Yes, people get off here, but they're not riding today," or, "You keep going straight until you turn," I really didn't get much help until after I turned down a street that goes through on the map but not in reality. Up until that point I had only dropped off two students and there were two stops left. Someone finally said, "The rest of us get of at the last two stops." Thanks.

The most exciting part of the route, though, was when we saw two deer in a field and one of the kids, probably a first grader, started yelling "Reindeer, reindeer," about 20 times or so in the most high pitch voice I have heard in a long time. It was so annoying I almost had to pull over to avoid driving in the ditch.

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