Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Multitude Monday on a Tuesday

Today, I am Thankful:
21. a quiet morning
22. scripture memory
23. laughter of a 2 year old
24. smiles of a 3 month old
25. leaves falling
26. the promise of Spring
27. a working car
28. a good cup of tea
29. the vacuum when you have a dog and boys
30. a sewing machine
31. airplane travel
32. return of my husband from travel
33. unexpected generosity of a friend that bought me to tears (of joy)
34. piano music in the background
35. an unexpected evening to myself (thanks Mom)
36. sleeping baby
37. God (again) teaching me to be content in the moment
38. visiting an old church and feeling loved
39. disposable diapers when someone ate two many blueberries
40. a full night sleep
41. the comfort of home
42. my husband hard work for our family in the dirt (as Zeke calls his construction job)

1 comment:

Jeff and Naomi said...

Mmmmm....good ones. Makes me smile as I read them. :) Somedays disposables are the only way to go. What have you been sewing lately?