Monday, November 1, 2010

Multitude Monday

Lately, I have found myself being negative. . .
Negative about not knowing what step is next for Danny and I, negative about what I am doing right now to contribute to the world, negative about continuing to live in my parent's basement with no clear direction, negative about my lack of sleep due to Theo, negative about my crazy days where I get nothing done when hanging out with Zeke and Theo. Unfortunately, I could go on. All this negativity only hurts me, my family, and my relationship with Jesus. I have so much to be thankful for and my attitude should reflect that.

So, I am trying a challenge from
To give thanks or to not give thanks
I want to choose to give thanks and make a list of 1000 things I am thankful, an endless list of found Beauty, a chance to give intentional thanks
And so today, I begin with a few. . .
  1. a chubby little boy with a big smile
  2. a big brother who loves his Baby Wheo
  3. the quiet of the night while feeding my son
  4. two cute little boys dressed as frogs causing people to smile
  5. a husband who loves the LORD and seeks to lead our family
  6. the opportunity to wait on the LORD
  7. my parents and their willingness to allow us to invade their home for 5 months. . .
  8. the sound of "Hi Mama" with a big smile
  9. Clean cloth diapers
  10. the magic of play
  11. the colors of Fall
  12. the fun in leaves
  13. going to church as a family
  14. your word
  15. a challenging Bible study
  16. parks
  17. feeling better after having a cold
  18. a hug from a two year old
  19. a quiet house
  20. nap time


Jeff and Naomi said...

Love this, Mandy! One of Jeff's cousins includes a short list of her blessings in each blog post and it's so encouraging to be reminded that the little things are big gifts from above. Praying for you as you wait in and on Him!

Dan and Christine Lawson said...

Have have been through some bouts with negativity and will certainly be praying for you. One way I dealt with my negativity was to do things for other people. It turned my thoughts outwards instead of inwards :) Try it and see what happens.