Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Travel to and From

Our Adventure Begins: To get to Taiwan, we had to follow a few simple steps


  1. 7am: Saturday February 7th: Drive from Fergus Falls to Minneapolis Airport (about 3 hours unless you have to stop and feed the kid)
  2. 10am: Arrive at cousin's Phyllis's house who then drove us to the airport after allowing Zeke to first roll around on her floor.
  3. 12:30pm Meet the rest of the family in the airport
  4. 1pm Take off on the airplane for the 12 hour flight to Tokyo
  5. ?? Arrive in Tokyo (I already lost track of the time, sorry)
  6. ?? Enjoy the super cool Japanese airport
  7. ?? Depart to Taiwan
  8. 10:50pm on Sunday Arrive in Taiwan
  9. Drive to Rebecca's house
  10. 2am to 5am Attempt to sleep while convincing a 7 month old that it is night timeZeke enjoying the flight. He did great! I think he thought everyone on the plane was there to entertain him. Ok, maybe we all look a bit tired. Our first sunrise in Hsinchu at Rebecca's place. I was able to see plenty of sunrises with the help of my little boy.


Our Trip Home

The morning of our departure. I couldn't resist snapping a picture of my sleeping boys. While in Taiwan, Zeke would often wake up at about 2am for an hour or more for what I liked to call a "slumber party." He would sit in the bed between Danny and I laughing and playing. On this particular morning, he must have never made it back to the pack and play.

    My boys sleeping in the Seattle airport. Our return flight turned out to be a bit more adventurous.

    We all flew out Sunday morning to Tokyo without trouble. Danny and I had used frequent flyer miles, so in Tokyo we then flew to Seattle not Minneapolis with the rest of the family. We arrived in Seattle on time. But, our flight from Seattle to Minneapolis got delayed from 9:10am to 2:3pm, then from 2:30 to 6:30pm, and then from 6:30pm to 1am and finally cancelled.

    We stayed the night in Seattle and flew out Monday morning at 10am.

    We were a bit tired.

    Zeke helping us unpack finally back home in Fergus!

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