Monday, February 23, 2009

Friends, Family, and Bowling in Taiwan

My G-pa. I guess we traveled all this way for his wedding! What fun!

Visiting the Larsen Family. They are Lutheran Brethren missionaries in Taiwan. It was great to see their home and get the chance to know them a bit better. Thanks again Kris for buying the diapers, baby food, wipes, etc for Zeke while we were there!

Zeke and Danny hanging out of a floating house on Sun Moon Lake.

Our amazing 12 course meal Chinese style.

When the soup came at the end, Rebecca recommended that we should only eat what we recognize. :)

Yep, Zeke's Step-Grandma rides a scooter. :)

The rehearsal dinner was at a bowling alley. :) I think the Bronson boys were happy.

Zeke relaxing the bowling alley.

The groom after a strike I believe.

Danny's sister Becky, her hubby Scott.
Danny's brother Andy.
Me, sleeping Zeke, and Danny
(Zeke got very good at sleeping on the go during this trip)

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