Monday, February 23, 2009

Cool stuff in Warm Taiwan

Here is my attempt to show a few of the amazing things we got to experience during our week in Taiwan. Good fruit. I miss it. A path with different texture on the bricks for people who are blind.
Very cool!

Interesting tea. We had to grind it for a long time and it magically turned into tea. I always thought you just bought it at the store.

Actually, I was napping when Danny took this picture. You will have to ask him. It is cool though.

A cool tree we saw while walking around at Sun Moon Lake. It is directly next to the recycling containers. They are way ahead of the us on recycling.

Victory Lutheran Brethren Church in Hsinchu where Danny's Dad Rocky works. It is 8 stories tall plus a parking garage underneath. Very cool

The Parking Garage. Danny's favorite part, I think. They lift the cars up so you can fit more cars underneath. For me, kinda cool. For Danny, very cool.

I am looking sad as I am trying to make dumplings. I was not very good at making dumplings. They were still yummy though.

A warm soy milk drink you could buy at the bakery. Not cold, but still cool.

The fire escape. I'm not really sure how you use it. I guess I was just praying we could take the stairs.

Scooters, Scooters everywhere!

Our box lunch. I have to say it was better than any Pb&J Box lunch I have had in the States.

Very cool.

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Joann said...

Mandy, I love how cool your Danny and Mandy plus one blog is. Thanks so much for keeping those of us so far away from you updated on your life. Love watching that baby grow up and you and Danny always look so happy. Love ya!