Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cook your own Christmas Dinner

For Christmas Day this year, Danny and I had a total of 18 people in our house! We had two 6-month old babies, 8 kids between the ages of 2 and 13, and 8 adults. Does that add up to 18? Danny is the mathematician of the house and he is still sleeping.
I meant to take a picture of everyone eating just to prove I cooked for that many people without my Mom. Mom, can you believe it???
We decided to do fondue with the theme of "Cook your own Christmas Dinner." Honestly, I felt like that might be the safest bet. Then, if someone wasn't happy with what they ate, it was their own fault because they cooked their own dinner. We did a fondue called Shabu, Shabu with chicken and veggies, pizza fondue for the kids (and big kids), and chocolate fondue for dessert.
Here is Zeke with his cousin Ashley. I think they must have planned their outfits.
Danny spent a good part of the day planning Fox and Hound or it is Geese and Fox or Hound and Geese with the nieces and nephews. I would ask Danny what it is called, but again, he is still sleeping. They just enjoyed chasing each other around the house with the help of the dogs. With all of the snow we have had, we have some pretty awesome trails and forts around our house.
And yes, this is my husband who is in his second year of Seminary in the dog's igloo. You might only be able to see his hand as the dogs are also trying to get inside with him.
Cousin Hannah with Uncle Andy and Aunt Shana were also able to come from Moorehead. Of course, we had to get some cousin pictures of our big 6 month old kiddos. And, here is a little insight into their communication.
Zeke says, "Hannah, I really really want that hairband."
Hannah says, "No Zeke, it does not go with your outfit."
Zeke looking very sad wishing we had the hairband on his head. Why are our parents jumping around, smiling at us, and making funny noises?
Hannah, I have no idea.

Overall, it was a fun and awesome Christmas.
We are so thankful for all of our family and friends!


Ekelund Fam said...

haha! u are so funny! i think i may give zeke one of hannah's hairbands. he was really longing for it in that one pic.

Joann said...

Mandy, I love all your pictures and especially the comments. Wish I could hug that baby Zeke again. What a cutie. And there's no denying, you are one happy gal. Thanks Danny and Zeke. Love ya!!