Saturday, January 10, 2009

Visit from the Sulpizio Family

Any guesses on what might have caused my living room to look like this 5 minutes after his arrival? Also, take note that all of the nativity scenes have been removed from the shelves.
If you guessed an almost two year old, you are right!
My sister and her family braved many hours of flying from Spokane, WA to visit us in the warm wonderland of Minnesota. They are brave. Who visits MN in January??
Zeke telling Katie about everything she had missed. He had a lot to fill her in on as this was his first time to meet his Aunt Katie!Getting a squeeze from my boys. I don't like them or anything!The boys taking a bath. Zeke learned a few tricks about splashing and playing in a tub from a big cousin Ryan. Zeke also seemed most interested is whose toes were in his bathtub and how could he get them in his mouth. Looking cool in their hats. Ryan was sitting in the "potty" as he referred to the bumbo chair. During their visit, we often sat down in the "potty" and said poop. Ryan also gave Zeke a new nickname. . . "Baby Geek." We are hoping that one doesn't stick. After seeing all of the sights and sounds of Fergus, we also spent a night in the cities and enjoyed the Mall of America.
Little Scott enjoying the truck ride with Ryan!
Go Scott Go! It is hard to tell from Scott's face, but he was a little scared with the speed of the trucks. He also LOVED all of the honking of the horns from all of the kids on the ride.
Danny looking at a map. What a surprise.
Who needs to ride on a ride when you have a map.
I think Zeke might agree.

I think this picture might need a caption. Any ideas?

We had such an AMAZING time with Scott, Katie, and Ryan and baby girl due to arrive in April! Thanks so much for coming to visit. Thanks for taking the time to come and for surviving flying with a busy little boy. We miss you guys.

Love you guys!

The Sulpizio family eating a family favorite! Blue Cotton Candy
Katie, I forgot to ask, any surprises the day after?


Leingang Family said...

I love the map picture with Danny and Zeke. You are so right about the "maps are better than rides" thing. I remember Danny and Chris pouring over the canvassing plans when we were in AZ. Great memories!

theolferts said...

Hey Bronsons! We can totally relate to the whole "geek" thing - we hope it doesn't stick for Zeke or Diek! Also, Dawson was thinking that Danny must sleep alot. That must be because he is always the one getting up early around here =) Your smiley boy is so handsome and we love seeing you guys on the blog - not as much as we do in real life, but it will do for now! Have a great new year.