Monday, December 29, 2008

Just always check for safety pins first

My cousin David gave me my very fist Christmas present. I was in AWE of how big the box was and had no idea what could be inside!
Mom said we should take a picture first, but how can I wait? I mean, it is a really big box!

And, here it is: My very first homemade bed complete with a pillow. But, remember, always check for the safety pins first before laying down on it according to my cousin David.

We came up with a few other perhaps safer uses for it too.
A cup holder
A guitar
A drum
Any ideas from you?
And many more
Thanks Cousin David for the very thoughtful and VERY creative first Christmas present!


Ekelund Fam said...

awesome gift cousin David!!
love the pics at the top of your blog, mommy.

Leingang Family said...

I'll have to ask the boys and see what they can come up with...