Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things I've learned

Some things I have learned since becoming a Mom

  1. Snaps on Pajamas are nearly impossible to complete correctly in the middle of the night.

  2. It is different when it is your own child crying.

  3. (Sorry, this is a gross one) Apparently, dogs like the taste of a poop filled diapers. See picture below for the true experience.

  4. A smile from your kid does seem to make staying up half of the night totally worth it.

  5. It is amazing how silly a person can sound to make a kid smile.

  6. Car seats are not my friend (although I do respect their safety value)

  7. In the middle of the night, messy diaper’s sometimes seem to smell like popcorn.

  8. It is now a lot harder to be on time.

  9. I am so thankful for friends with experience.

  10. Babies have very very smelly gas.


theolferts said...

Good list - I'm glad we don't have dogs =) Although a friend recently told me that they're great when your kid starts throwing their food off out of their high chair! I hope you are on a date in your picture - apple juice in wine glasses looks romantic.

Leingang Family said...

I love your list. And it makes me glad we didn't have dogs and babies at the same time either. :o)

John and Lisa Webster said...

Sounds like you're learning a lot quickly. Who would have thought. Popcorn? Did you used to like that smell? Do you anymore?

Mandy, you've been tagged.
See my blog ( for more info.

CJ Olson said...

You know.....I think I have to agree with you on your pj part of the list which is why I was SO thankful that Nik was able to hang out in his sleep sacks (that zipped) until he was sleeping through the night!