Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meeting Friends!

Zeke turned three months old on Tuesday. It is hard to imagine life without him now. Oh yes but wait, it is slowly coming back to me. It is kinda a fuzzy memory but it involves sleep. Yep, at one time, I do recall sleeping all the way through the night. :) But, honestly, I wouldn't trade a day (or night) or it. He's a keeper.

But, Zeke did the chance to meet a friend today. Eli was born two days after Zeke although I think he was actually due more than a month before Zeke. Eli is still a little bigger, but it will be fun to see the boys as they continue to grow.
It was super fun to put the boys next to each other and try to get them to smile. I have also found out that my next profession will definitely not involve becoming a professional photographer of moving objects. Man, it is hard. I better stick to my day job of wife, mom and OT.
I promise, he was smiling and enjoying himself. :)

Here's some video of the boys meeting as well as Zeke talking to his "friends". I mean what is a guy to do when he is an only sibling. :)
On a side, please try to ignore the rather annoying voice in the background. I'm still not too sure who that person is. . .but they sure sound like a dork on these videos.


lacey said...

Oh my....Zeke is getting sooo big. I miss you guys and miss being apart of his everyday changes.

andybronson said...

There is definitely some family resemblance between Zeke and Hannah... I can see it most in the first picture!

Also, is it just me, or does Zeke look a whole lot like Danny in the third picture :^)

theolferts said...

What cute pictures! I love Zeke's mobile (and it looks like he does too!) Where did you get it? I need one for our crib - Diek destroyed our first one =) Zeke is sure a cutie - it is really fun to watch him grow!

Leingang Family said...

Some things are so worth losing sleep over. :o)

Kevin, Brooke, Harrison and Emmett said...

Isn't it fun to know who your kids will be playing with when they get older! It looks like they had a great time!