Saturday, September 20, 2008

My husband's muscles

Today, Danny was explaining to me the numerous activities he completes while attempting to keep himself awake at work. He works at a company that does quality assurance on phone calls. Basically, he listens to recorded phone calls from 3pm to midnight every night. He is amazing as I'm sure I would stay awake for about two minutes of this activity. I wanted to give you an update of our conversation. I thought it was funny, I hope you do too.

Danny: So, I figured out how to say awake at work. I stand like this to keep myself awake. (he demonstrates a half squatting posture)

Mandy: Umm honey, do people see you doing that?

Mandy: Well, that is actually a good workout for you so you can become buff. Uh, not that you aren't already buff honey.

Danny: Yeah (pulling up his sleeve) Look at my MUSCLES!

Danny: (He pauses and says in surprise) Wow, that is actually bigger than I thought it would be.

Mandy: (unable to comment because she was laughing too hard)


Joel, Emily, Corbin & Elias! said...

That is awesome! I guess all the exercise is paying off! Cute family pictures too! Eli really likes looking in the mirror too...something about seeing mommy while mommy's holding him! God bless you!

Leingang Family said...

That is such a Danny thing to say. LOL

Those are great family pics! You guys are so cute!

Nilsens said...

I totally agree with Leingangs...and it made me laugh too! :)

CJ Olson said...

Thank you SO much for the Laugh!! I totally appreciate it! GO DANNY GO!! You keep getting those muscles!!