Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trip to Montana in June

Our next big adventure took us to Billings, MT to visit my family and head to their amazing cabin!  
 Theo helping Dad mow the lawn, probably his favorite thing to do.  
 My lovely sister took my camera and added some pictures so here you go, Katie!  
 Actually, this one is super cute so THANKS!  
Zeke, his cousin Morgan, and my sister
 Yes, that is whip cream that my mom is allowing my children to eat right from the can.  
 Most of crew minus Jonah
 And, there he is.  :)  
 We had LOTS of fun waking Papa and Elmo up from their nap!  
 Theo in the pool with his clothes on, very typical.  
 Adventures with the neighbor's horses.  
 The big cousins, Ryan and Zeke, after running through the sprinklers!  
 Jonah decided it was just too much excitement!  
 One of their favorite places:  On Elmo's lap
Relaxing with Papa!  
What an amazing few days and we still had a few more days of vacation left!!!

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