Thursday, July 12, 2012

Surprise for G-pa 70th Birthday!

The next week, we showed up at church on Sunday to surprise G-pa for his 70th birthday!  
What he didn't know, was that the rest of the family would be coming throughout the week!
What a wonderful week with family and awesome memories made!!  
 My beautiful niece Ashley! She will be a senior in high school this year, so proud of her!  
 Noah getting a little too much help to finish lunch.  :)
 Trouble!  :)
 The runners plus two after their morning run.  
 I planned some meals and this is the crew of Operation Peel the Egg for Egg Salad Sandwiches!
We peeled 30 eggs in about 10 minutes!  
 Jonah providing his assistance!  
 My whole Egg crew!  
 Cousin Gracie reading to the almost 4 year olds!
 The boys learning about remote controlled cars from the experts!  
We headed out to lunch to celebrate the 4 year olds!  
They were pretty excited when they both got the same remote controlled car!  :)

So many other great times but here are just a few!  :)

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