Thursday, February 23, 2012

Visits from my Parents!

My parents were able to come for TWO WHOLE weeks to see the boys and wait on the arrival on Baby #3!  :)  The boys had an amazing and super special time with my parents.  And, Baby #3,  he/she decided that she wanted to stay put until an later date!  :)  
 Sleeping with Papa!  
 Loving on "Elmo"
 A fun Valentine's Dinner out!  :)

 Yummy Dessert in cute dishes!  

The boys and my Mom on the Sleigh Ride!  :)  

My parent's visit coincided with the 1st Annual Brrr Chills Winter Festival!  It was a whole week of super fun activities planned in our town.  We had a light parade, sledding, a bonfire, curling events, hockey games, yoga in the snow, horse sleigh rides, pancake meals, a movie night, and other events!  What a great week with a great turnout to all events!  And, the temperature for most of the week was above freezing!  Hooray!  
 The beautiful horses!
 Theo enjoying a snow snack!  
Zeke climbing the giant snow pile in town!  :)

And, still waiting on Baby!  :)

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