Monday, February 27, 2012

Jonah Daniel Bronson

Jonah Daniel Bronson arrived Saturday February 25, 2012 at 9:51am!!

We are thrilled with all 10lbs 1oz of him!  
He is huge and cute and I am in love!
 Started having contractions about 5am that morning, headed to the hospital a few hours later after an VERY uncomfortable 30 minute drive there!
I was 81/2 to 9cm dilated when we arrived!
The first push was at 9:49am, my water broke at 9:50am, and Jonah was born at 9:51am!
We are so thankful he is finally here and everyone is healthy!  Will post more pics later!  :)


kyle.phyllis said...

it's birth stories like that, that make me glare at God. 90 minutes of pushing for me and 3 minutes of pushing for you. Really? Oh and 12 hours of labor for me and 3 for you, again, really?!
However, we are still really excited and wish we could be there celebrating with you :) Congrats !!!

The Eberly's said...

Woohoo! Another VERY cute boy! Glad you made it to the hospital in time. Thinking you might want to check into home births. =) Wish we were close enough to snuggle with that cutie pie. Think about you guys often. CONGRATS!

The Schniebers said...

CONGRATULATIONS on another boy!! wow, your a mom of 3 boys now, i
admire you :) praying that your body heals quickly and that you guys are adjusting well! cute pictures :)